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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions we frequently receive about false eyelashes, including the difference between mink and synthetic lashes, care and maintenance of false eyelashes, use and application, return policy, and much more!

1. What is the difference between synthetic and mink false eyelashes?
The main difference between synthetic and mink lashes is in the quality. Because mink is 100% natural fur, it provides a natural shine, is super lightweight and flexible, gives a feather like look, can be curled like real human hair, and can be worn up to 25 times. Synthetic eyelashes, although cheaper, are irritating to the eye, fake and unnatural when worn, and can only be used a few times. Mink eyelashes are considered a premium high end product when compared with synthetic ones.

2. How long does it take to apply?
Practice makes perfect! Like anything you do in life, the more you do it the easier it will be. On average, users of false eyelashes take less than 5 minutes to apply the lashes; this includes waiting for the glue to become tacky and for the lash to set on your natural lashes. So from start to finish, applying your Lashes should take you less than 5 minutes!

3.How many styles of lashes are offered at Order Lashes Online?
We have over 100 different style also will launch many new style every month,have all of the type of the lashes you need,suitable for all of the occasion.Each style is designed to achieve a different look and for a different occasion,with some lashes being more dramatic than others,some withe more length than others,and so on.

4. Who can use false eyelashes?
Everyone and anyone! False lashes are suitable for anyone and are for people of all ages. Whether it is for a night out, dance recital, wedding, or anniversary, lashes can be worn by anyone and anywhere! (Just not under water.)

5. What is mink?
All of the lashes on Order Lashes Online are made up of 100% natural mink fur which has been gently brushed from live mink and sterilized to ensure that it is hypo-allergenic. We would like to make clear and public that no harm has been done to these beautiful animals. Unlike synthetic lashes, our 100% natural mink fur is free from any chemical processing and dye which allows for an extremely soft, lightweight, and natural look.

6. What if I am a first time user of false eyelashes?
We suggest first time users follow the detailed explanation on how to apply our Lashes. If you are a first time user of false eyelashes, we suggest getting a pair of synthetic lashes to practice. After several applications/practices using the synthetic lashes, you should be a pro and you will be ready to use your luxury Lashes!

7.What color are the mink eyelashes?
The mink fur has not been chemically processed or dyed so the color will be a natural black-brown. Most people that use synthetic lashes are concerned that the darkness of synthetic lashes may be too harsh for their skin tone, but because mink fur is a natural black-brown color, our Lashes are thus suitable for everyone!